Health and diet are so closely interlinked - however,it is important not to be so fixated on this link, and to simply enjoy your food (really enjoy it, savour it, and go for quality over quantity), and to lead a healthy lifestyle, rather than jumping from diet to diet. 

After all, 'there are so many people on a diet of some sort now, and yet, the world has never been fatter.' (Just a quote, and it refers to the obesity problem, rather than fat-shaming. We honestly do all come in different shapes and sizes,-just the way some people are taller/smaller, have brown/black hair, different bones structures; genetics, baby!- and we truly are all beautiful because of it).  So let's take some advice from the Italians and live our lives with balance, enjoying our time at work, and at home, rather than binging out at home etc. Find your balance, love your food, and your work/daily activities. Live your life to the full and in good company..after all, health is more than what you put into your body, but how you live in your body, mind and soul.