Feel free to try out any of these projects below yourself, and let me know how they go for you!

The Pochahontas Project

The Pochahontas Project will involve me trying to connect to the earth more through growing whatever I can in our wonderful (!) Irish climate, being more mindful of nature when outside, and simply by taking the opportunity to go outside more (walks etc.)

The Rapunzel Hair Project

For the past few months, I've been letting my hair grow, as I want to donate it to this charity, the Rapuzel Foundation, which uses  donated hair to make wigs for those living with hair loss (alopecia). 

For this, I need to have about 36cm of hair to cut off (thank God I like cutting my hair short enough!). At the moment I have about 30cm of hair which I can cut off.

About 10-15 ponytails of hair are needed to make just one wig, so I can imagine every  ponytail is greatly appreciated, and really, what else would you be using your cut off hair for?

If you think your hair is long enough to donate next time you want to get your hair cut, do a bit of research and see if there is an organisation like this in  your area. Often, selected hairdressers will cut your hair for free, and, I'm sure if you wanted it styled/layered/dyed/highlighted etc. they would just give you a discount.


The Envelope Project- coming soon