You may not be my role model, but you are my inspiration..

People are wonderfully unique and actually quite beautiful in their own way. If you take the time to look at someone, especially over time, you will probably begin to see their beauty, them. I honestly don't think one person is more beautiful than another. Sure, there is attractiveness, but that passes and is not nearly as mesmerising as a person's real beauty. It's kind of hard to explain.  And maybe not everyone sees it, but maybe you do, and maybe you should try. Because it is the kind of beauty that lasts and makes you really love a person for who they are. I know I'm sounding hippy-ish..all Barney 'Everyone is special' and like teachers who told us that if we weren't all different, the world would be a very boring place. But there is a hint of truth in it. In fact, a lot.  It's just that there's a lot more. People are difficult, due to circumstances, learned behaviours, past experiences, how they grew up! But we all inherently want love. Now don't burst a blood veessel when I say this, and I can because it's impersonal to me. I understand that when something bad actually happens to you because of another person, of course it's natural to blame them, maybe even hate them. Although hate is a strong word. 

But whether someone is considered a saint or a sinner, or somewhere in between, we all want to love and be loved and add meaning to our lives. Think about ISIS, cult leaders.  They probably believe that what they are doing is important, valuable, maybe even respectable in some circumstances. They may believe they are being a martyr, or maybe they have simply been brainwashed. Or maybe this is their pursuit of happiness, in a strange and mangled way. Who can say that they have never got caught up in something?  And when you are  free, you realise how silly or pointless or just plain stupid or cruel it was. Who is to say that you or I would not have done the same, had our situations been the same?  I have, of course gone off on a tangent meant for another day..but I think it's really important to realise that we are all vulnerable, we are human. And as extraordinary as a person can be, at the end of the day, they are just a person. But people are so extraordinary. I'm full of contradictions today.

If you know of Essena O'Neill*, look up her site  Her turnaround has been fantastic to watch and take part in. I found out about her (via YouTube) just before she had a complete change of life circumstances (due to her thought processes). And now she is trying to live a meaningful life. She is the one who brought this concept to my attention, that being a rolemodel, or having one can be put a lot of pressure on both parties. Many peoples' role models are celebrities (in which case, it may or may not affect the celeb since it's not individual, but they may feel pressured to do the 'right' thing), or some notable figure(who may be dead or doing good anyway, and strives for change)  or else a family member or someone close. Ignoring the role-model here, if someone really idolises another and isn't simply inspired and in awe of them, but WANTS TO BE THEM, then we have a problem. It creates a lot of unnecessary pressure, when, in truth, you should want to be yourself, and  learn from others and aim to be the (here I go again with the teacher quotes) 'best that you can be'!

 Anyway, here I will write about a number  of people, and how they inspire me, and maybe will inspire you. But just remember, you are here to do your job. Whether that's nurturing your children, teaching, running a sanitary system which determines the health of the whole town, or clearing your own table at a café to make life a little easier for the staff, you do help the world turn round. It ain't all money! So do your job well, and be who you are, find the beauty in others and learn from those you admire.

People are so complex, how can you ever get tired of it? 



*I realise that there has been a lot of controversy over Essena recently, ever since she quit all forms of social media, and started opening up, to when people started questioning what she was using the money they had donated to her, for her site ( , previously, which was going to be a really powerful, and very inspiring movement, but amounted to a whole lot of utter confusion and upset! I really don't want to go into that whole mess, but just say that I  wrote this before all that happened, when she had just quit social media etc. And although I don't know what to think of all that is happening with her right now (Idon't know can I judge), no matter what happened, she definitely inspired me, but I know she is not perfect. None of us are. I don't know what she's going through right now, but I hope she comes out the other end a better person. But, yes, she inspired me to do what I'm passionate about, and I am grateful.