Don't let time fly away from with it-Mikayla

I am...

 a dreamer, a written word enthusiast, a creator like many.

My name is Mikayla, and I absolutely love to write! Hopefully you like to read!

I am always interested in thinking about how things work, why we do certain things, and behave in certain ways. Sometimes, I find myself questioning 'societal norms' and exploring to see if I can find different ways of achieving the same goal.

I want to share my ideas, and the thoughtful ideas of others. I want to write, and I would love if you wanted to submit anything to any part of my site!(send it to me by email)

So what's with the name(blackandwhiteandgreenallover)?

Black and white:

So, I want to take a fresh look at things, and also be honest with my readers. 

I also want to write about minimalism.


Green is for growth, the earth, nature.

It also represents inspiration, and the clarity of a new idea against the 'black and white'ness of the traditional train of thought.

Allover(All over+ All lover):

Admittedly, this just finishes the classical joke -What is 'black and white and red all over?'-(except I used green, of course). But also, it means that I will be writing about love, and how it is so inherent and necessary for each of us, in all aspects of our lives and in our world today.