Beauty & Make-up

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I don't wear make-up everyday. In fact, most people would probably consider me as 'not a make-up wearer'. 

But I love make-up-something these people most likely wouldn't believe either, and I can hardly blame them! This is my contradiction.

I think the main difference between me and most girls, especially the die-hard make-up gurus, is in the way we see make-up, and therefore, how we use it.

I love art, although I may not be your grade-A 'Arteest'! I love creating things, with my mind and with my pencil. It is in this way that I see make-up to be fun and empowering, and to experiment creatively. 

I don't use make-up to cover up. And my skin is dry. It can very readily become pimply, and it is absolutely abound with freckles (which I really do love, although I know not everyone does!) I like to get to the root of the problem, because, let's face it, no-one wants problem skin. The  feeling of dry, flaking's not nice, and I'm sure you'd appreciate if I didn't go into detail! And pimples can be sore and irritating. And of course I want to look my best! I'm not immune to the way the world is! But, I do like to stay true to myself, and if you can't accept me the way I am, then sucks to you, 'cause I do.

Girls, I understand why you may use make-up so much, and even why you might feel naked without it!

  • 'You've got to look your best'
  • You want to look 'professional'
  • You don't want to appear gross
  • Make-up is fun!
But, just for a second, ask yourself if you can go without make-up comfortably, and, if you can't..why not? Why can men go without make-up? Do the people around you value you based on your appearance? Can you give more than just your beauty- Can you focus on giving a part of yourself that really makes an impact (love, kindness, humour, fun, cheerfulness, openness, genuineness, selflessness, or any positive part of your personality)? Give it a go. I'm not saying not to wear make-up. You do you, and wear make-up as much or as little as you like. But never, ever feel like you have to wear make-up. Girl, you don't have to rely on it, rely on yourself! You are you, no  matter what your face looks like today.

Take a little look at one of my absolute favouorite YouTuber's, who was my inspiration for this topic, and motivated me to actually sit down and WRITE!